Who's Who of Identity Crisis

Act I

Arden Nanuk/Bearridge - Arden was a retired military specialist who had moved on to create a comfortable life as a computer consultant while doing some video editing on the side. Depressed over events in his past, the recent loss of Charles Shultz, an idle of his since he was a small boy, along with his father, he obtained an amulet known as the Amulet of Lakesh.  Mistakenly holding it while making a wish that the image of Sheila on his computer, his love, could talk he was transported into an alternate reality where the story is set.  After the accident, he unwittingly handed the Amulet of Lakesh to Sheila who now has it.  Not remembering the event, he believes that the item is lost to him forever.

Sheila Vixen - That buxom babe, drawn by Eric Schwartz (and (c)  by him), is the primary counterpart of Arden in this story.  There isn't much background on Sheila, except that she's very wild and impulsive.  Currently I'm writing her as I have heard that Marilyn Monroe was. Marilyn was said to be very wild and impulsive in public, but very quiet and restrained in private.  Traumatized by the accident where Zig Zag and she met Arden, she has slowly discovered that there is something which attracts her to him.  Other than the doctor, she is the only person in this reality that knows Arden is a traveler from another world.  She is also the current possessor of the Amulet of Lakesh.

Nanuk - The Inuit name for the Polar Bear. Nanuk is Arden's totem. Totems are entities of nature, being pure energy and thought. Living in the spirit realms between the realities, they channel their power through their followers in certain situations to influence events.  Totems assume whatever form is most representative of their abilities to the supplicant seeking them.  Arden met Nanuk during a spirit quest as a young man in New Mexico.  Now, having been drawn across the vales that separate worlds by the amulet, he his consciousness has been opened to Nanuk's powers. Still limited in her influence, Nanuk has taught Arden the basics of his shamatic abilities for healing himself and others.

The Great Dragon (aka. The Dragon Eternal) - This supernatural creature isn't one of the totems, though he lives within the spirit planes.  The Great Dragon is a collection of all the Guardian Dragons, creatures that were created to guard the barriers between the worlds.

The Demon Lakesh - Lakesh was one of the original angels created by God.  As with all angels, he had a specific duty to perform.  Lakesh was charged with the creation of the Guardian Dragons.  After Lucifer was cast out from heaven, Lakesh saw the war between heaven and hell as unacceptable.  Unlike the angels of Heaven or Hell, Lakesh did not desire a winner to the conflict that was brewing.  Unable to totally contain the agents of Heaven and Hell, Lakes settled for breaking the pact between Heaven and Hell which stipulated no direct contact or interference with material planes.  Not desiring for his powers to come to an end, Lakesh used his power and influence to undo the work done by both sides and thus maintaining a balance.

Zig Zag - The beautiful zebra stripped skunk who owns the ZZ Productions Studios, an adult entertainment filming facility. The ZZ I'm using in this story is the version from the ZZ Studios story line where she is currently having an affair with James  Sheppard.

James Sheppard - Owner of Sheppard Computers and Zig Zag's main squeeze.  Go read the www.zzstudios.com story for details. Good stuff.

Dr. Yair Grahl. A tall Schnauzer, he is the emergency care doctor who took care of Arden after being struck by Zig Zag's Mercedes.  Having grown up in Germany, his father, an archeologist, was called upon by the Gestapo to research an occult amulet.  His father disappeared without a trace a few days later.  Dr. Grahl spotted the imprint of the amulet on Arden's hand, thus beginning his search for his father and a friendship that has helped steady Arden in this new world. 

David Leery - Zig Zag's council.  He handles all of Zig Zag's needs when it comes to the law.

Philippe du Bouix - A small otter, he is the primary "fur stylist" for Zig Zag's production crew. With is offices being across the street from ZZ Studios, there's never a hassle taking care of a bad fur day.

Daniel Khansamn - A tall, pure black panther, he has bought, bribed and blackmailed his way into the office of District Attorney. His campaign promise was to "clean up the riff raff in Columbus."  His first victim was going to be Zig Zag, however Arden managed to derail his attack.  In retaliation, he placed a contract on Arden's life until an anonymous blackmailer managed to thwart him.  He is now just biding his time and adding names to his list of enemies.

James Cheatham - A young and very aggressive Cheetah,  he is the DA's personal aid. Although not in on the less legal side of the DA's business, he knows what the DA wants and does his best to make it happen.

Michael Jones - A medium height Tiger with light brown hair, blue eyes and an athletic build.  Recently promoted to Detective in the Columbus Police, he gets all the weird assignments. Currently working on the John Doe case that is Arden, he has discovered the DA's plan to have him killed.  This character belongs to Martin Pedersen, a fan who traded some fan-art for a write in. 

Logan Furbody - A Ferret, is the color commentator for the local UHF TV New program.  Based loosely  on The Daily Show, this guy is a snide, sarcastic, yet balanced reporter. That's not to say he gives anyone an easy time, just that he'll kick anyone's cow, no matter how sacred.

Janet an Bill Treeman - Also referred to Frosty and Flake by Logan, they are the anchors for the Fox News at Noon team.  A pair of holier than thou reporters who snub their nose at anyone the consider lower than themselves.  Never ones to leave a stone un turned, they are always crawling out from under a new rock with some low comment about the subject of that days news.

Bjorn Ottersman - A very well endowed otter who is not only a blue movie star, but also a big time movie star in Europe.  Although blue movies are generally shunned by people who make it big, Bjorn still enjoys a good romp in front of the cameras, and is always willing to come do a shoot for Zig Zag if he's got the time and there is a good script.


Act II


Sheila "Lord Vic Sheen" Vixen - This is the same Sheila Vixen from Act I with a small twist.  When Sheila made an inadvertent wish that transported her and Arden into this new world, they exchanged souls.  As a result, Sheila is now walking around as a man pretending to be "Lord Victor Sheen," a half breed human with greater dragon blood.  To top it off, the body Sheila occupies is Arden's body from when he was a human from about the time when he worked for the Japanese SDF.  Strangely enough, Sheila has all the same abilities and powers that Arden had as a bear.  This may have something to do with the geise that he accepted from the Great Dragon while trying to save Sheila and Bjorn's lives.

Lady Arden Eastridge - Arden is now trapped in Sheila's animal body.  Transported to a human world where there are intelligent animals kept as slaves, Arden must contend with not only becoming a woman, but also being a bitch in heat.  Her smell, an aphrodisiac to normal humans, is intoxicating in its strength due to her being in heat.  A warrior at heart, Arden must now contend with a body that was never trained for combat as well as the loss of the powers he had come to rely on.

Thomas Livingston Brant (Fish to his friends) - Fish is a young man who met Arden while she was staying at an inn.  His stepmother and stepsister show him no affection.  The boy, convinced that he is just what was left over from his fathers marriage to his stepmother, begs Arden to let him become her squire.  Taken by the boys enthusiasm and honesty, Arden hires him for several days to give him an opportunity to prove himself.  The day Arden is captured by the slavers, Thomas proves his worthiness by giving the amulet and gold that Arden had back to Sheila as he was ordered.  Thomas is the child that Arden never had and fills a special place in her life.

The Duchess Gwendolyn "Gwen" Rossini - The powerful and self-assured wife of Duke Leopold Rossini, Gwen befriends Arden after her trials in the mews.  Unbeknownst to Arden, Gwen sees an echo of her dead daughter in Arden and seeks to fill the loss with Arden's presence. 

The Duke Leopold "Leo" Rossini - The Duke is cunning and devious person.  He firmly believes that the Pantos are barbaric creatures, barely able to understand basic instructions and that humans did them a favor in enslaving them.  He sees Arden as a freak of nature and a threat to the status quo.  Leo sees the relationship between Gwen and Arden as a dangerous precedent and looks to discredit Arden and Sheila at every turn.  The Duke also has a preference for younger women, driving his wife away from him emotionally and, eventually, into the arms of Arden.

Elaine Rossini - Daughter to Leo and Gwen, she committed suicide two winters ago after the brutal murder of her lover.  Arden bears a striking resemblance to Elaine if you can ignore the fact that she is a vixen.

Theolyn Townsend - An armsman in the service of the Duke.  He was in love with Elaine but unable to express that love to her.  Now he is tortured by the appearance of Arden and her resemblance for the woman he loved.

The Healer Reskin - This was just a cheesy way to get my doctor into the story.

Illiam - Guardian Dragon for this realm.  He is based on my good friend William "The Cyberhorn Dragon" Morris.  Illiam plays a key roll in this world by revealing the truth behind Lakesh, The Great Dragon and the attempts on Arden's life.  Illiam's job is to guard Arden and ensure that he completes the quest to restore Nanuk.

Imperial Crown Prince Hiram Leopold te Shodan ra Aleska III - Better known by Arden as "Little Lord Rapes-A-Lot" he's the spoiled brat who just happens to be the Imperial Crown Prince.  Over educated, over privileged, over sexed and over there in the corner, he's a proof that even a good gene pool has shallow spots.  He is a very bad boy who will ultimately get his come-uppins either from Arden or Sheila.

William tu Shodan ri Aleska - William is an elite member of the Imperial Personal Guard.  Numbering less than 20, these warriors are the pinnacle of combat expertise in service to the crown.  In swearing his life to protect members of the imperial family, William has given up his last name and adopted the traditional 'tu Shodan' indicating that he protects a direct descendant of the imperial line as well as 'ri Aleska' identifying his charge as the heir to the crown.  Though he despises his charge, William is oath bound to ensure that no harm befalls Prince Hiram while he travels abroad.  He eagerly awaits the day they return to the Imperial Capitol when he can dispose of his duty on the next poor sap that draws the short straw.






Hazel Mead Stone - Zig Zag's next door neighbor. Rebelling against her mother's authority, she took a job at ZZ Studios with the express permission of pissing her mother off. Her goal is to be a porn star, but Zig Zag has other idea.

Sandy Stone Wolfe - Hazel's mother. All she wants for Hazel is for her to be a good girl and not associate with "riff raff". Unfortunately, they didn't realize who was living next door when they moved into this house a year ago. Currently in her second marriage, Sandy is doing her best to try and keep hazel from making the wrong choices in life.

Tyberious Wolfe - Hazel's dad. More on him later.

Maurine Rakune - Receptionist at ZZ Studios.

Marvin Badger - Zig Zag's second in command at ZZ Stuidos. There isn't much happening at the studio that he's not aware of.


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