Story (c) 2000 by Hikaru Katayamma/Keith Dickinson. All rights reserved. The character Sheila Vixen (c) Eric W Schwartz. All other characters are (c) Hikaru Katayamma.  This story contains adult situations and language. By reading it the viewer agrees not to hold this or any other person responsible for any content they may find objectionable. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Identity Crisis
Act II
Chapter 7

DISCLAIMER: The following chapter contains a graphic scene depicting a violent rape.  As I have intentionally tried to avoid any explicit sexual content in the story, this will be an unfortunate diversion from my rule.  I tried several different ways to convey Arden's experience in an "off camera" mode, but was unable to successfully show the brutality that she had to endure.

This scene is NOT in any way intended to be a yiffy/bondage item.  Anyone who feels aroused by it may feel free to remove themselves from the gene pool by any convenient method available.  It does, however, accomplish a few things. It set's the tone for slavery, the attitude towards non-humans in this world and Arden's actions in the next chapter.

As always, if you find the material objectionable, please feel free to skip this chapter.  Nobody is forcing you to read this. (I hope) 


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Identity Crisis
Act II
Chapter 7

I tell ya', she was just asking for it!

  Hanging in a net suspended below a pole, I am carried through town towards the Duke's castle. All around me I see people milling about their business, staring as the animal is carried by. As we get closer to the castle, the houses become more lavish and expensive. With wealth brings more of the cats. As I am carried past them, they pause and stare at me, knowing what I am facing. They, too, had been taken like this. With the crack of a whip, they return to their work.

  As we come the outer walls of the castle, I hear the bald man conversing with the guards. Their comments about me are crude and lecherous. I fear for more than just my freedom.

  After carrying me into the courtyard, they veer off from the main path towards the stables. I see a large multi story building, barred windows peering to the outside. Within, there are dozens of the cats, chained together, being led about for certain purposes. Any sign of rebellion or misdeed is immediately punished by a taste of the lash. I cringe, ears laid back against my skull, whimpering with each crack.

  They turn a corner, hauling me down a wide stairway leading underground. As we enter a dark area, I am reminded of medieval dungeons. They dump me roughly on the floor and unwrap the net from around me. Hogtied with my hands and legs behind my back, I'm unable to do more than squirm as their hands roam over me, exploring and probing my body. With my snout tied shut, I have no recourse.

  "She's a lot livelier then those damn cats," I hear a voice say. "Yah, and will ya' look at the tits on it, too?" another one asks, roughly handling my breasts. "Aye, this is a distraction I think we can all enjoy," comes a third voice. "Remove your hands," I hear the bald man say. "She's reserved for his highness, and not for the likes of you."

  The bald man giving the orders directs them to place me in irons and a proper muzzle. One of the hands refers to him as the stable master. Suddenly released from the ropes holding me, it is all I can do to move my arms and legs. Grasped by strong hands, I'm lifted and dragged over near a forge. Held down, they proceed to hobble me by placing heavy iron cuffs on my hands and legs. A small length of chain, only a foot or so long spans the ankles and wrists, with a longer one of about two and a half feet in length connecting them vertically. Lastly is a large black collar. Swooning because of the heat radiating from the forge, I pant, trying to cool my body as I am again held down against the anvil. With each bang of the hammer, I jerk as they drive the rivet into the metal, sealing the collar.

  Unseen hands grab my hair, pulling my head back so that the smith can get a good look at my face. I am held there while he fashions thin rods of metal into a serviceable muzzle for me. Fitting it to my head, they use a small lock to connect it to the collar. There is no way I can remove it.

  Ordered to my feet, I manage to stand, but am hunched over by the lengths of chain. Shuffling in the direction ordered, I feel the stroke of a lash on my back, the pain driving me to the floor. I am not moving fast enough for my captor. I need to learn discipline.

  Again ordered to stand, I shuffle as fast as possible. Lead to a cell, I am forced to pull open the door. Kicked from behind as I stand in the doorway, I am sent sprawling inside the cell. The door slams shut behind me, locking me within a small room that was maybe six foot by four foot in size. The only light was what trickled in through the small slit in the door. In one corner is a filthy bucket of water, in the other a bucket for waste, which hasn't been emptied recently.

  I curse the bear and the dragon for abandoning me as I curl into a ball, swearing that if I get out of this I will hunt them down and kill them for it.

  Warned by the unlocking of the door, I try to shield my eyes as the light pours in. "There you go, your highness," I heard the stable master say. I look at the two men standing in the doorway, the small, foppish boy with the blond hair that harried us at the restaurant stands beside the stable master. "Excellent. It's just as I remembered, too. Take it to a suitable room and prepare it," he orders before walking away.

  The stable master cracks a whip over my head and orders me out of the room. I climb unsteadily to my feet, and shuffle quickly outside. Lead down another corridor, I am forced to climb back up stairs. These are different. They are narrower, and set off behind a door for privacy. Having difficulty spanning the steps because of the chains, I am given another taste of the lash for not moving fast enough. Now on all four paws, I leverage and hop up the steps for speed.

  Reaching the top, I roll out of the stairwell and onto the floor, exhausted. Panting, I receive a kick to the ribs and am ordered to get up again. I again climb painfully to my feet and manage to walk in the ordered direction reaching a large wooden door. He shoves me into the room. I see it is a bedchamber.

  "No!" I declare, turning to glare at the stable master. Smacking me in the head with the hilt of the whip, he drives me to the floor. "Shut up, bitch! You'll do as his highness says or you'll taste the lash," he informs me.

  He grabs my hair and drags me across the floor to a corner where there are numerous types of restraints. With a small key, he removes the chain running vertically between my ankles and hands. Frantic, I try to break away from his grip. I am again struck from behind. The stable master pulls my hands up under my chin, using the lock to attach it to a ring there. He then unlocks the chain between my ankles, allowing me to extend my legs fully at last.

  Now finally able to stand up at my full height, I am lead over by the bed, his whip wrapped around my neck as a leash, choking me, and ordered to kneel again. Here I am forced to wait. After about ten minutes, the door opens. The young man walks into the room. I can see from his pants that he is obviously aroused. "Isn't she a beauty?" he asked the stable master. "Aye, your highness, quite a find."

  The young man walks over and reaches down towards me. "Don't touch me!" I bark out in a low, threatening voice. The stable master smacks me from behind. "Say another word, bitch, and I'll cut your tongue out," he threatens. "No-no-no-no," the young man says, "Let it speak. It makes it all the more desirable."

  Again reaching down, he grabs my hair, drawing my head back. "Please me well, and I won't have your master killed. Disappoint me, and I'll make you watch as he's drawn and quartered," he says almost gleefully. If I resist him, he will kill Sheila. Defeated, I close my eyes and give a small sob. "All right," I growl between clenched teeth.

  He lets go of my head and orders me to stand. Rising before him, I stand unprotected. My hands locked to the collar around my neck, I have no privacy.

  Gently he reaches out with his hands, stroking my breasts. "Now there's a treat," he mumbles, "You won't find these on any of those cats, eh Marduke?" he observes. "Aye, my lord, quite a find on any female," the stable master responds with a laugh. As he continues to explorer my body, I feel a sense of betrayal as my body begins to respond to his touch. Trying to center myself, I cannot control my body, my heart pounding, as it becomes aroused.

  His hands reaching my groin, I feel the shock, gasping as I am violated. "Ah, you see, Marduke? The bitch is wet," he observes. He stand up, orders me to turn around and climb on the bed. I comply and climb onto the bed. As I begin to lie down I am hauled to my knees again as he grabs my tail. Roughly forcing my legs apart, he positions himself behind me. My head buried in the pillows, I am unable to support my body with my hands. If it weren't for my tail, I would be exposed.

  "Damn it bitch! Move the tail or I'll have him cut it off," he says, smacking me. I force myself to remember Sheila's life hangs in the balance and manage to lift my tail. The shock of his assault caused me to cry out in pain.  The horror of the experience is multiplied as he continues his abuse by the growing feeling within me as I approach orgasm  Cursing the dragon, my mind explodes in a mixture of pain, ecstasy, horror and revulsion.

  Through with me, he shoves me roughly away from him and sits on the bed. "Damn, Marduke. That was good. I think I'm going to enjoy having this one around," he declares with a laugh. They aren't paying attention to me. I reposition my body slowly while they talk. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to get at least one good kick into Marduke before he can do anything about it.

  As the young man stands to leave, I make my move. By rolling off the bed, I come upright. Marduke's eyes fly open seeing this. Taking a step forward I see him bringing the whip around. I would be too close for it to work and he knows it. With my right leg, I lash out, kicking his whip hand, disarming him. I hop from foot to foot as I continue to spin. Now using the other leg, lifted high as I bent forward, I heel-kick him in the head. It may not have had the power I wanted behind it, but it dropped the large man nonetheless.

  I turn towards my rapist and leap towards him, grabbing him with my paws, dragging him to the ground. Head butting him, I watched as his skull bounced off the floor. Unable to rip his throat out with my fangs, I scoot forward on him, leaning down, I wrap my paws around his throat, choking the air from his lungs. He gags and tries to pry my hands from this throat, but is unable to budge them. Desperate, he began to hit me, but with each blow, his strength fades. Just as he is about to loose consciousness, I am struck from behind, causing me to loose my grip.

  Hauled off of the young man, I am slammed against the wall. Stunned, I fall back, turning as I fall. I try to break my fall, but fail, landing hard. I feel the wind explode from me as I hit. A boot to my ribs lifts me from the floor and throws me a couple of feet away. I land on my back, hard. Marduke picks up his whip, a murderous rage in his eyes.

  Rolling away from him, I try to dodge the lash as it strokes across my back, parting fur and skin to draw blood. I scream with the pain and try to get to my feet again, but am driven back down by another lash. The pain in my body grows with each strike as he relentlessly flays the fur and skin from my body.

  "Stop!" I hear the young man shout. Pausing in his task, Marduke walks over and helps my assaulter up. "No, don't kill it. Give it to the stable hands," he orders. "And when they're done with it, give it to the cats," he spits out, vehemently.

  The young man walks unsteadily over to me. Lashing out with his foot, I feel some ribs crack with the impact. Again the boot comes, this time joined with the audible sound of my arm being broken as it was smashed from above. Screaming in pain, I try to crawl away, but cannot escape the boot. Kicking me in the head, he does me the favor of sending me to oblivion.

  Sputtering as cold water was thrown across my face, I awake to find myself back in the lower stables. My hands, still bound by my neck, are now forced in an artificial fist by cloth tied over them. My legs have been tied up close to my body by cords running between my knees and elbows. My right arm shrieks with pain at the slightest movement as the broken bones rub together.

  Hunched over like this, I feel someone grab my tail. Clamping something painfully onto the end, they use a rope to tie the tip up by my collar. Kneeling behind me, they each take their turn, adding insult to injury. With each one, to my horror, my body betrays me by responding. I want to die.

  I have lost count of the men. Cold, wet and violated, I lay on the floor shivering. From time to time someone comes by and take advantage of me. It is all a fog. My mind has shut down. I just lay there, watching the forge, disconnected from reality.

  I have no idea how long I am there. Time had no meaning. My trance is broken as two pairs of hands lift me, setting my arm and ribs on fire. Carrying me like a heavy sack, they take me to a large enclosure filled with cats. As one holds the door open, the other throws me inside.

  I skid across the floor stopping in the middle of the room, leaving a trail of blood behind me. "There you go, tabbies. There's something for yah to play with," I hear one say as they walk away laughing.

  I lay on my side, looking around in the room. My one good eye gives me a picture of half a dozen or so cats, all male. They approach me, sniffing and grunting. I close my eyes and sob quietly, hoping they will just kill me.

  The first hesitant touch startles me, causing me to jerk. Slowly they become more curious, sniffing and touching my fur. Soon I become aware of a pulling sensation on the rope between my knees and the elbows. After a few seconds the rope parts allowing my legs to straighten out.

  I open my eyes and look around. I can't read the expressions on their faces, as they are too alien. Two large cats each take a manacle in their paws and pull. Straining against a chain that had never been designed for their strength, they snap it. The sudden motion of my broken arm makes me scream in agony. Clutching my broken limb to my body, I curl up into a ball, crying at the pain

  Behind me, I feel someone release my tail from the clamp. Blood rushing back to the tip, I feel a new pain as the nerves came alive. Having been stretched to the limit for so long my tail muscles can't contract to draw it down. It just lay on the floor behind me. Now feeling the muzzle move, I become aware that they are fighting with the lock.

  It finally sinks into my pain-addled brain, that they are releasing me from my bonds. My captors had assumed that the cats would rape me as they had, but they are wrong. I feel a gentle strength in them as they eventually manage to break the lock. Peeling the muzzle off of me, they throw it away. It bangs noisily as it skitters across the floor.

  One of the cats reaches behind me, tucking my tail down between my legs and rolls me onto my back. As I lay there, I look at my cellmates, wondering what is going through their mind. I could see them studying my body as I lay helpless before them, but they do nothing. While I watch, the largest of them wipes the hair from my face. He has two large, sensuous looking, luminous yellow eyes that reflect my bruised and battered image. I try to swallow and realize that my mouth and throat are dry.

  "Water," I managed to croak out. "Please, water." Grunting among themselves with a combination of yowls, screeches and hisses, they come to a consensus. One leaves the group to return a few seconds later with the bucket. Helping me to sit up, they hold it for me so I can drink. Coughing with the first mouthful of water, I manage to drink the next few without a problem. I nod and straighten up. "Thank you," I said. This sets off another round of cat talk.

  I have no desire to listen to their noise and roll slowly and painfully onto my knees. The raw gashes on my back reinforcing the pain I already felt as I tried to move. I try to stand. I find myself lifted by the same large tabby that had bitten through the ropes around my knees. With a nod of my head where I want to go, he helps me walk over to the bucket sitting in the corner. I can tell by the smell what it is for. With one foot I kick it away from the wall. Unsteadily squatting over it, I lean on my new friend as he holds my arm while I relieved myself. I am horrified to see blood mixed in with the urine that is pouring from my body.

  Shakily I manage to walk over to a pile of hay and straw. Lowered gently onto it by my new friend, I sit looking at him. His scent has a strong musk about it that makes my body want to respond. With great care, he reached out and removed the cloth that had been tied over my hands to prevent me from using them. Dipping one in the water, he begins to gently clean my wounds. Floating on a cloud of endorphins, I watched the muscles rippling under his short fur as he continues to wipe away the blood and grime. Each time I wince at his ministrations I see his jaw clench in empathy. I look him over closely, watching the rise and fall of his chest as he breaths and the flexing of his thighs as he shifts his weight. The motion of his tail as it flicks behind him mesmerizes me. I follow the rippling motion back towards his groin.

  Realizing that I was becoming quite aroused, I close my eyes in a vain attempt to block the feelings as well as the erotic imagery they evoked in me. I shudder at the horror of what I have endured and huddle into a ball. Feeling his caress on my head, I look up into his sad eyes. He knew what they had done to me.

  With my good paw I reach up and mimic my mouth opening and closing with my fingers, moving them in synch. He cocks his head sideways a little as he watches, and then begins to mimic me. Now taking my paw, I open it and grabbed my throat violently, as if it were being attacked. I watch his brow furrow as he tries to figure out what I meant. I try again and reach out, this time towards him. At first he flinches, but then leans forward. I put my paw to his mouth and gently pry his jaw open. Grabbing a fang, I shake it lightly, and then grab my throat with my hand, shaking it.

  Realization of what I am asking him to do was obvious as he lays his ears back. He hisses at me, skittering back from where I sit. "Please," I beg, "Kill me." He shakes his head jerkily from side to side in imitation of a human. He won't kill me.

  Defeated, I slump over on my side. I close my eyes and turn inwards, trying to find a place in my mind where the pain can't find me, looking vainly for rest.

Chapter 8