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Identity Crisis - Chapter 17
An opportunity missed means more exercise trying to run it down.

  Daniel Khansman was not a happy man. His crusade against Zig Zag had been destroyed by the actions of a stupid reporter and that damned bear. He hadn't bought, bribed and blackmailed his way into this office to have it all screwed up by some idiot with a conscious.

  Sitting in plush leather chair of his office, looking out the window at the traffic, he contemplated his next step. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. Giving a low growl, he made a point of ignoring it. He had left specific instructions not to be disturbed.

  Opening the door he heard James speak, "Mr. Khansman?" Without turning he rumbled, "I left instructions not to be disturbed. What part of those instructions did you not understand James?"

  Gulping, the young cheetah screwed up his courage and stepped into the office, closing the door behind him. "I think you'll want to see this sir. It's about the guy in the hospital."

  Watching the DA turn his chair around to face the desk, James once again got a good look at the panther in the tailored black suit. His luminous yellow eyes glared at James through the slits of his eyelids.

  Taking a hasty step forward, James continued. 'They identified the guy." Another low growl came from Daniels.

  Swallowing, "Um. It was a death certificate sir." Leaning forward he placed the document on the desk, quickly pulling back his hand as if he feared Daniels would bite it off.

  Picking up the paperwork, Daniels leaned back in his chair and examined the document. It was a death certificate from Kansas City for a male who had died the same night that this man in the hospital was hit.

  Putting the document back on his desk he leaned back, steepling his fingers in front of him. "Get some people on this right away, contact the police in Kansas City and find out what you can on the deceased."

  Nodding the cheetah quickly turned and headed towards the door. "And James." Stopping, he turned and looked at his boss, "Good work James." Relieved that the risk he had taken had worked out, James smiled to himself as he left the office. He had definitely just scored some points with the boss.


  When I came to, I was laying in Nanuk's hut, my head laying on her lap, she was stroking my fur. Looking down, I saw that I was a true bear. Trying to speak, all that came out was a quiet mewing sound.

  "Hush child. You're dying." Looking in her eyes, I saw tears. "They are trying to bring you back my child." Quietly she sang to me, a song of mourning. As I lay there I thought about everything that had happened, and that maybe this was for the best.

  As I lost consciousness my last thought was that I'd never get to see to Sheila.


  Gasping for breath I woke up. There were doctors and nurses standing around me, a mask was over my muzzle where it had been breathing for me. My chest felt as if a mule had kicked me. Trying to catch my breath, I could hear them talking but it just didn't sink in. Finally one of the nurses put an oxygen tube over my snout with two segments that forced air into my nostrils.

  A light flashing in my eyes got my attention. It was the doc checking me out. "What the hell happened?"

  The doctor, still checking my eyes asked back, "What do you remember?"

  Blinking at the light I remember that tiger Jones, and the death certificate.

  "There was a cop here, a brown on black tiger. He said he had identified me."

  Putting the light away, "What did he find out?"

  Looking around on the bed, I notice the paper on the edge, "He discovered a death certificate." Reaching up over my head, I couldn't quite get it. As it slipped to the floor the doctor caught it. "Last thing I remember was reading that thing, I couldn't believe what I was reading." Pulling him close I whispered, "It's me doc, it's me. Everything I remember from my other life."

  Letting go of him, I laid back, "Next thing I knew, I couldn't breathe, and my chest felt like I had an elephant sitting on me."

  Nodding he examined the paper and scowled. "First thing I should tell you is that it's not good for you to lay on your stomach like that. You're physiology isn't designed to allow you to breathe properly like that. Being already low on oxygen, your heart was working overtime pumping your blood. When the adrenaline hit your heart, it experienced the equivalent of a muscle spasm. It compressed, but couldn't release enough to allow blood back into the chambers and stopped. For almost three minutes you were technically dead. We finally managed to get it restarted by shocking you. You were very lucky my boy. Now if you will excuse me, I must attend to someone that may require some medical care in the very near future."

  Turning I saw him walking angrily towards the door, the paper crumpled in his hands. He looked like he was out for blood and I felt for the poor fool who got in his way.


  David Leery was sitting at his desk looking at a pile of paperwork that was growing steadily. Being council for ZZ Studios may not be all fun, but it was NEVER boring. He had just gotten phone call from Zig Zag and she was coming for a visit. He could count the number of times she came to his office on his left paw.

  Carefully stacking the papers in such a way as to be easily separated again later, He hollered for his new intern. "Jenny, would you come in here please?" A large white rabbit came into his office. She had no distinguishing marks, though she wore a series of earrings in her ears. Whenever she twitched them, they jingled.

  "Yes Mr. Leery." Handing her the pile, he continued to straighten the desk. "Zig Zag's coming and we need to clean up. Put those in a safe place and in that order. I'll want the stack back AS IS once she's gone."

  David finally finished cleaning up his desk and sat back to examine the look at the results. Just as he was about to take a folder of his desk for effect, Zig Zag came in, causing him to abandon his efforts.

  Walking quickly from the doorway she sat down across from David, taking the paper from her purse, she unfolded it and placed it on his desk while not saying a word. Keeping her face as neutral as possible, she watched David pick up the paper and read it.

  As he perused the information, David became very concerned. If it was true, then something is very wrong here. Looking up at Zig Zag, "Should I pursue it?"

  "I don't know. I'm very confused by this." Looking down she was once again trying to turn a very expensive handkerchief into a rope. "What do you think?"

  Picking up the phone he pressed the extension for his assistant. "Jenny, get me Sean McLaughlin and Andrew Sheppard please."

  Cocking an eyebrow at David, Zig Zag added, "I presume that's a yes?"

  "We're in too deep with this guy to back out now. If the DA discredits him, then it will discredit his defense of you. It won't hurt the case against you, or our civil case, but it will sure do a number on public opinion."

  Rubbing the bridge of his snout with his paw, David took another look at the document. "How much do you want to spend on this Zig?"

  Thinking for a second, Zig Zag finally came to a decision. "Use our best judgment, but remember" standing up, "if you go overboard, it's coming out of your Christmas bonus."

  As she walked out of the door, David picked up the phone again; he'd need to call in a lot of favors on this one.

  Working for Zig Zag was never boring.

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